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About Us

Bunbury Men of Song began in a very small way in 1998. Since that time through the talents of its Musical Directors and Accompanists and the dedication and hardwork of its members, the choir has grown to have more than 40 members, and is enjoying success and acclaim in its performances in Western Australian and across the rest of our nation.

Our members come from almost every walk of life. We have students, those seeking work, labourers and trades people, professionals, retired persons and more. Some were born in Australia, others have come to make their home here from various places around the world. Our members comment on the ready welcome that they are given, the friendship they are offered and the genuine care and support they find as members of Bunbury Men of Song.

Some of our members can read music and have sung before. Others have not had that opportunity, but together under the direction of our Musical Director, Ian Mills, we learn to blend our voices. This enables us to share a wide variety of music from Brand New Australian compositions to those that are well loved standards of Male Choirs and most everything inbetween.

We provide members with music and rehearsal tracks to practice at home and heavily subsidize membership for gents under 21 years of age.

Singing is known for its great health benefits, in terms of breathing, lowering blood pressure and raising a sense of self worth and enjoyment. It is part of the universal tribal nature of humanity of celebrating our lives and telling ours stories and histories through song.

We hope you might come and join us!

Our Committee

President  Peter Stanicic

Secretary  Chris Lloyd

Treasurer  Gerraint Parry

Musical Director  Ian Mills

Accompanist  Greg Ross

Vice President Richard Nilsson

Membership Officer  Keith Howe

Events Officer  Jared Ross

Publicity  Peter Stanicic

Librarian  Keith Howe

Committee Member  Ashley Davis



Below we have uploaded the organisations Constitution, Code of Conduct and By Laws